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Brick Painting

Should we talk about your brick walls and how they can be painted? Our team is the trustworthy choice for brick painting in Bolton, Ontario. That’s mainly due to the challenges of such projects. Brick is hardly easy to paint. It’s even difficult to prep brick. But all steps involved in brick wall painting services are vital. If something is not done correctly, the color won’t look good or won’t last for a long time.

You have no reason for taking such risks. Not now that you have found our team. Contact Painters Bolton if you are considering changing the color of a brick surface. Or, if you want to refresh the existing color. We are at your service.

Bolton brick painting – learn more

Brick Painting Bolton

As with all other projects, Bolton brick painting jobs begin with you making contact with us. It’s fair to say that we need to hear from you and about your project. Once you contact us, we find a suitable day and time to set an appointment. At this point, you are informed about the process. What’s even more important than that, the appointed painting contractor checks the brick surface and makes a note of things that may be useful later. Actually, based on their findings and your personal requirements, the contractors suggest suitable brick colors and finishes. They also provide costs and an estimate for the brick painting service.

Go ahead and tell us about your project. Book an appointment with full confidence that you get a no-obligation and free-of-any-charge estimate and consultation.

Brick painting services

  •          Interior brick painting. As a professional team, we are available for any stone wall interior painting job. All types of stones can be painted, including brick. Such materials often act as accents in living rooms, around the fireplace, and in other parts of the home interior. Be sure that all interior brick surfaces can be painted. We agree on the colors and finishes, and the pros come over fully prepared for the interior brick wall painting service.
  •          Exterior brick painting. As is always the case with exterior surfaces, exterior brick walls are harder to paint. The whole painting job is harder overall because brick surfaces have endured a lot over the years and so, they need meticulous preparation. And in order to remain resilient, strong, and beautiful for many more years, they must be painted to perfection – always with the right coatings. That’s exactly why you should entrust the job to us. Brick surfaces are prepped well and painted with anti-moisture products suitable for the material.

Whether you want the fireplace brick refreshed or large brick surfaces painted, be sure that they are fixed, cleaned, and properly prepped before they are painted. And they are painted thoroughly with the correct products. If it’s time to change the looks of brick accent walls or freshen up exterior surfaces, don’t think about it. Get in touch with us to learn more about Bolton brick painting services.