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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Interior moldings are vital architectural elements that serve a purpose. And so, when it’s time for crown molding and trim painting, Bolton pros go above and beyond to ensure that all baseboards, crowns, and other trimwork are all painted perfectly to stand out.

Painters Bolton is standing right here, fully prepared to be of service to you. Any & all interior trims can be painted, despite their material. They are prepped thoroughly and painted correctly to make a difference and withstand the test of time. If painting trims in your Bolton home in Ontario would be of interest to you, contact us.

Best crown molding and trim painting in Bolton

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Bolton

We just need to get your okay to send a pro to check the moldings in your house. The best in Bolton crown molding and trim painting team is standing by to answer questions and explain how things are done.

Since moldings differ, we send specialized painting contractors to take a closer look. Be certain of our team’s experience in all types of moldings, in spite of their profile and material. And so, if you want to paint wall trims, baseboards, chair rails, crown moldings, door casings, and other trims in your home, don’t think about it. Contact us.

Home molding painting services

Apart from the variety of trims, there are also variations in regard to their design. Some trims are plain. Some have intricate designs. And then, not all trims are made of the same material. And not all trims are in the same condition. And that’s where we step in to make a difference.

Our combined experience, diligence, and knowledge bring the best results. Whether this is a flexible crown molding or a plaster baseboard, it’s prepped as required by the material and painted with the correct coating.

Baseboards. Window casings. Door casings. Crown moldings. Picture rails. Chair rails. Wall trimming. These are the basic moldings in most homes. You can have any or all of them painted. Combining services is one more thing you can do. Like having the crown in your kitchen with the cabinets painted. Or, having the casings painted along with the windows and doors.

Before painting trims, the pros prep the surfaces. As is often the case, most moldings are dusty. They are often dented too. The first task is to address such flaws. No matter how intricate the profile is, the molding is fixed correctly. It’s cleaned and sanded depending on the material’s requirements. And then, it’s painted – once again, in accordance with the requirements of the material.

Ready to discuss your molding painting project?

Do you want to change the color of your home’s crown moldings and baseboards? Would you like to refresh the color of your interior trims? It’s time to talk with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us. After all, you are likely in need of an estimate right now. And getting a quotation along with consultation is not only free of charge but also free of any obligation to us. If you are considering crown molding & trim painting, Bolton’s most committed team is at your service.