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Exterior House Painting

Experience matters when it comes to painting home exteriors. To get the best of your exterior house painting Bolton job, choose our company. Not only do we have the experience required to carry out such demanding jobs but also the means, the commitment, the knowledge, and the know-how required too.

This is a big decision of yours. We know. It’s a big job too even if the house is not huge. But Painters Bolton makes it all look easy! And that’s only one small reason why you should trust us with the exterior painting of your home in Bolton, Ontario. Want to read the other advantages of working with us?

Assign the Bolton exterior house painting to us & relax

Exterior House Painting Bolton

All Bolton exterior house painting jobs are given the attention and focus they deserve, rest assured. Exteriors suffer enormously and since they are not easy to paint, they are left for last. Aren’t they? The problem is that exterior surfaces are not only weathered but must be painted to remain resistant to all elements for years. Two contradictory things on our table. But don’t you worry. This is, after all, the reason why you sought a professional exterior house painter in the first place. Isn’t it? And with us, you have complete peace of mind.

As a good exterior painter would do, we examine all things before we get started with such projects. By sending a pro to check the materials of the home’s exterior and the overall condition of the surfaces, we get a pretty good idea of what must be done and how.

Thorough prep makes the exterior painting last for years

The first phase of exterior painting services is preparatory. The painters take care of the siding, the doors, the wall damage, the fence, the deck – all surfaces. They caulk, clean, scrape, sand – do anything is necessary to fix blemishes and make the surfaces smooth. These things are considered a must for a healthy exterior and a stunning home.

To do all that and assign every home painter a specific job, we consider the particular requirements of your residence in relation to its location. And its orientation. And the local weather. And not only do the painters do a fantastic prep work but also in the most meticulous manner. Whether the surfaces are made of wood, concrete, stucco, or metal, they are prepped well and finished with the correct paints. Not just any paints but suitable products for the specific material – suitable for exterior surfaces too.

Exterior painters with experience in all materials & surfaces

No matter how demanding, the painting service starts on the right foot and is completed to perfection. After all, the painters take care of all exterior surfaces and do so well.

  •          Scraping and sanding
  •          Power washing and fixing
  •          Repairing deck and fence
  •          Caulking doors and windows
  •          Removing old paints & dirt
  •          Priming and painting

Painters Bolton is the company you can trust for exterior jobs that make a difference and last long without costing you an arm and a leg. Plus, you get a free estimate off the bat with no pressure and no obligation. On top of everything, you get consultation about colors, the latest trends, coating types, and all things concerning your project. What’s the point of stepping back? Let us work together to see what colors will look best and let our team do the hard work after that. Let’s get things moving by starting with the obvious, offering a free estimate for your exterior house painting in Bolton.