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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bolton

Time to say goodbye to an outdated popcorn ceiling? Are you worried about your safety and want this texture removed? Say no more. Our team is available for popcorn ceiling removal in Bolton, Ontario, and fully prepared to provide quotations, explain the process, and send techs over.

By putting your trust in the hands of our team, here at Painters Bolton, the popcorn texture is carefully removed and the substrate is transformed into a modern ceiling. Ready for such a transformation?

Basic steps of popcorn ceiling removal in Bolton

Bolton popcorn ceiling removal services are provided as soon as needed. Surely, not all jobs are the same. Some textures are painted. Some are broken and damaged. Some are intact and easy to remove. Some homes have more than one popcorn ceiling that must be removed. Irrespective of the case, some steps are the same. So, here’s how such projects are carried out, more or less.

  •          The pros prep the room and with the help of the appropriate tools, they remove popcorn ceiling or ceilings. The goal is to remove the texture with care so that there won’t be any damage while containing debris and dust as effectively as possible.
  •          Once the texture is removed, the substrate is prepped. Ceiling surfaces are often dented and marked with imperfections and all sorts of flaws. They are all fixed. Even if there are hardly any imperfections, the pros prep the surface – by cleaning, sanding, and addressing tiny flaws, ensuring a smooth foundation for the refinishing process.
  •          The last phase of the job involves ceiling painting. Be sure that the exact color of your preference is agreed from the start. We agree upon the color, style, and finish to ensure a modern ceiling that aligns with your home design and personal taste.

Get a free estimate for the removal of a popcorn ceiling

Before removing popcorn ceilings and refinishing the well-prepped substrate, there’s another phase. That of providing you with the information you need in order to decide what to do. A pro comes out to check the popcorn ceiling in your property, discuss the project with you, offer color consultation, explain the process, and give you an estimate for the service. That’s free. There’s no charge or obligation for the consultation and the estimate. So, why don’t you reach us to learn more and, if you like what you hear, get started?

Experts remove popcorn ceilings and perfectly finish ceilings

In our company, we have experience with popcorn ceiling removal and refinishing ceilings. We know the stakes, especially when the texture is questionable in regard to its safety and can assure you that dust containment is one of our first priorities. Also, the techs assigned to the job are dressed and prepared as required to do the job without repercussions. It’s equally important to say that the ceiling is thoroughly prepped and finished – to your full satisfaction.

If it’s time to remove a popcorn ceiling, why think about it? Let’s talk about it. Get in touch with us and trust our expertise in popcorn ceiling removal in Bolton.